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If you want your survey to stand out, it has to have individuality and also be inviting. The simple tools on Study ‘N’ Survey will allow you to do this. Choose a page colour, add your company logo and take your survey to a new dimension. The professional look of your surveys will resonate with your target audience. After all, a memorable survey equals better recall with your audience.

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You have the power to decide how many responses you require. You can auto-close your survey and then turn the numbers into graphs, pie and bar diagrams at the click of a button. This will add life to your data and make it accessible as well as meaningful. After all, dry numbers never touch that emotional chord like pictorial representations can.

Interactive & intelligent branching

Study ‘N’ Survey allows you to create penetrative surveys by intelligent branching of questions. Once a respondent takes a survey, she or he will only see the questions that are relevant to them. They do not have to scroll down to find the right question. It not only saves time, it also makes your respondents actually want to finish a survey. You can also disqualify a response that does not pertain to you. This gives the experience interactivity and makes your survey crisp.

Smile, it’s your invisible friend!

We offer the best value via our survey platform. Whether you are a student, a research scholar or an organisation, we ensure you get the best output at incredible costs. You get more bang for your buck, even for complex surveys that require multiple branching. Get a clear glimpse of the world you are engaged in, make informed decisions and win redeemable points for your participation. Study ‘N’ Survey is all about efficiency and ease.

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