It all started with a conversation…

Somebody once asked us, “What has bars and charts and stuff like that got to do with real life?” Our answer was simple: “Then don’t use your fingers to count.”

This little encounter taught us why Albert Einstein had famously said that if you cannot explain something to a six-year-old, you cannot explain it to anyone. We instantly knew what we had to do: create a platform that anybody can become a member of and turn real time scenarios into an illuminating story. In short, we wanted to put life into numbers. And Study ‘N’ Survey was born.

Just as it is with any endeavour worth engaging in, we had another critic coming to us and saying: “Why do you call your site ‘Study ‘N’ Survey’? Isn’t it too simple?” Our reply was instant: “Precisely! You answered your own question. We love simple.”

We are not bots

Study ‘N’ Survey has been created by humans, for humans.

While some people consider IT nerds and data enthusiasts to be robots (which is not far off the mark sometimes), we are a different breed. We have soul. Our small but focussed team has cut its teeth in the world of high-end technology and data management and analysis.

Our whacky coffee-break loving team turns complex survey requirements into simple solutions delivered via a user-centric interface. Which is why, Study ‘N’ Survey team members are lovingly called Data Vaders, an expression of our love for sci-fi movies, especially Star Wars.

Just so you know, we are unlike Darth Vader because he represents the dark side. Our mission, on the other hand, is to shed light on numbers. So, that makes us Jedis.

Data Vaders love to shake up the abstract world of numbers and data into a ‘tangible’ world of pie diagrams as sweet as real pies, bar diagrams that have a kick and graphs that can creep into the thickest of brains.

In short, the Data Vaders turn dark force of abstractions into a format that has soul and speaks to you in a language that is devoid of jargon. With us, your surveys will become laser sharp sabres with which you can hit the bulls-eye every time. Reach your target market easily, get real results, make informed decisions and map the way forward wisely

We are your invisible friends.