To create a survey, click on the ‘Create Survey’ link.
Yes, signing up is the first step.
Yes. It is not necessary to login/ register to fill a survey. However, you may miss out on earning points/ cash if you do not login/register. Yes, you earn points for filling a survey. get paid for filling a paid survey.
Every time you fill a survey (logged in), you earn some points. The sum of these points is shown on your dashboard.
Points help you to compete for every month’s prize. You will have to click on the ‘Gifts’ link in the navigation bar to know the prizes for each month. The amount you would receive for a paid survey will depend on your ‘All-time’ points and the points earned in the current month.
Check your leader board. It shows the front-runners and points on the dashboard as well as on the home page.
We consider a month from its first day starting at 00:00 hrs IST to the last day of the month till 23:59 hrs.
Yes. You can earn cash by filling a paid survey.
A paid survey, shown on the home page and dashboard, is always marked with a different background and the text ‘paid’.
Our basic services are free. But if you are looking for special features, you might need to upgrade. The details of the features and associated costs will be communicated shortly meanwhile call us on 9703337558 or mail on for more details
If you have the link, then it should directly take you to the survey. If you do not have the link you can try using the search bar on the homepage to search for a survey.
Yes, just email us here:
You can redeem your cash only when the amount is INR 1,000 or more.
You need to activate a survey after you create it. Responses are captured only for ‘Active’ surveys.
Yes. Go to the ‘Security’ option while creating a survey. You can also choose such settings in the ‘Edit survey’ option.
Navigate to Surveys>Responses to view/download the responses.
Navigate to Surveys>Graphs & Insights to view graphs.
No, you can view responses only for the surveys you create.
Navigate to My Profile > Edit to change your personal details like password/ image/ demographic information.
Filling your demographic info will ensure that when you’re signed in to fill a survey which has demographic questions, you don’t have to fill the responses again. This helps you save time. Also, if some paid surveys are targeting specific audience, you will be informed to fill the survey based on your demographic data.
You can ask: Five-point choice, List (dropdown), List (radio), List with comments, Versus, Array, Date/Time, File upload, Gender, Numerical input, Ranking, Text display, Yes/No, Free text, Multiple choice.
You need to upgrade to avail special features. If you are an advanced user, you can use the ‘Logo’ option under ‘Create Survey’.
If you are an advanced user, you can use the ‘Background’ option under ‘Create Survey’.
Use ‘Edit Page’ option while creating a survey to randomize its pages.
The option can be used for questions with close-ended answers only. The survey creator can allocate points for each option of a question with closed-ended options. At the end, the system will calculate how many points the survey creator has scored in the survey and give out a message based on the scored points. This option is especially useful for conducting exams on the website.
. You can choose to direct a user based on his response to different pages. The ‘Branching’ option lets you do that. For example, you can choose if a user chooses an answer as ‘Male’, he goes to page two. If the user chooses an answer as ‘Female’, she goes to page three.
Please use the ‘Upgrade’ option.
Although we would love to let you do so, currently we restrict points earned in a month to that particular month. However, you can carry forward cash won to the next month and keep accumulating it till you want to redeem.