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Every click on a survey takes you closer to exciting gifts!

We know how many of you feel about surveys. It is not uncommon to say it is “boring”, “a waste of time” or “nothing in it for me”. We are changing all that.

When you participate on the Study ‘N’ Survey platform consistently, it is a win-win situation for the participant as well as the surveyor. Every question you answer on our platform, you win points. We understand that you are putting in your valuable time and thought to a survey. The more your engagement, the more points you win. Once you have reached a threshold, you can redeem your points for exciting gifts. No, we don’t do lame vouchers or dumb discounts that have no real benefits. You get something that is truly worthwhile.

Here’s how the point system works:

1. Every time you fill in a survey, you win points.

2. More questions you answer, higher the number of points you win. If you are in a point-winning mood, go for deeper surveys (eg. consumer behaviour surveys). Of course, you can also accumulate points by taking part in several smaller surveys (eg. simple market research surveys). The key is regular participation.

Use the Study ‘N’ Survey platform throughout the month, fill in the surveys of your choice, and accumulate points based on the extent of your involvement. At the end of the month, you can win the ‘Top Data Vader of the Month’ if you have the highest number of points. 

The winner will get gifts that will make her or his time on Study ‘N’ Survey worthwhile. Yes, you are going to love hanging out with us.

The finish line for calculating your total points is at 11.59 pm on the last day of every month.


The points-race will have 3 winners every month, along with a consolation prize (which we assure is better than those usual consolations you get by the dozen).


Try for a podium finish. Why? Because it pays the most.


Sorry, but we do not believe in lazy associations. You cannot carry over points from the last month to the next. That just kills the fun. The bright side is, everybody gets to make a fresh start every month. Everybody gets a fighting chance.


In the event that you have earned cash via your participation, the winnings can be carried forward to the next month. Once you reach the Rs. 1,000 mark, you are free to redeem it.  

While the Gifting Team of Data Vaders draw out the final list of gifts and pick out the best sponsors (like we said, no lame gifts), you’d better get on our platform and go survey-hunting for those precious points. Don’t be left behind in the race. After all, who does not like two prime movie tickets to a latest release without really sweating for it? And that, people, is only the tip of the gift iceberg.